Our Offerings

Virtual Teaming

Techsec Digital leverages virtual teaming to overcome geographical barriers and tap into a global talent pool. By embracing this approach, we foster collaboration, encourage knowledge sharing, and build an inclusive work environment.


At Techsec Digital, we offer Sales as a Service, empowering businesses to enhance their sales capabilities through virtual teaming. These services will be provided to OEM’s/Product companies in IT Technology, Cybersecurity & Cloud with whom we can sign up as Value-added-reseller or a Value-added-distributor. We can also support International Tech Product companies to launch and drive the business in India. Marketing, Event Management & PR services also can be extended to such companies. Sales as a Service provides organizations with the flexibility and scalability to strengthen their sales efforts without the need for a full-time, in-house sales team. By partnering with our virtual sales experts, businesses can tap into a wealth of sales experience, industry knowledge, and proven strategies.


Freelancers play a very significant role in the tech industry and offer unique advantages for both companies and professionals. They are flexible, scalable, possess niche expertise, faster project execution and so on. We are very much open to enroll such Freelancers and provide specific work to them. Partner with us if you have the necessary skills like Tech Sales, Tech Engineers (IT Infrastructure, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, Cloud, HR (Talent Acquisition) & Logistics.)

Value Added Reseller

Techsec Digital is open to sign up with OEM’s as channel partners & position their solutions in this Industry.

Virtual CXO (CIO, CTO, CISO)

With the way the IT landscape is changing and growing the need for Virtual CXO has become very prominent for organizations who may not have a Full time CIO/CTO/CISO. We are open to sign up with such industry leaders who can function as Virtual CXO for the clients who enroll with us.


Techsec Digital is very much open to sign up with OEM’s/Product Companies in the field of Technology, IT, Cybersecurity, Automations, Digital Transformations as Value added Distributors. Our Team will discuss with such OEM’s create a Go-To-Market Plan and establish their business in the respective countries.

Corporate Trainers

As Techsec Digital would be offering corporate training to Corporates, we are open to enroll such trainers. As we get the training projects we shall work with the registered trainers and create customized training offerings whether Online or On-Site.

Join us at Techsec Digital Global Pvt Ltd as we embrace the future of work through virtual teaming, where talent knows no boundaries and innovation knows no limits.